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BOSNIA Waterfalls Kravica

There is one wonderful hidden gem in Bosnia, Waterfalls Kravica. Wondering why?

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I was never fascinated by Bosnia. Nothing personal, I like friendly people there, I just don’t like architecture. But, one place makes me feel like I’m in heaven there, Kravica waterfall. So I visited it several times.

It is located 40 km from Mostar city. This is a calming place where you can have peace. You can admire the beautiful nature and spend some quality time outdoors. Of course, the splendid waterfalls of the Trebi┼żat River are the main attraction of the site. The height of the fall is about 25 meters and the radius of the lake beneath the fall is about 120 meters. The scenery of the site changes throughout the year thanks to the water level. Therefore, due to the lower water level in the pool below the waterfall during the summer months, it is possible to swim and enjoy water sports. Just imagine swimming under the waterfall.

Kravica is one of the most precious jewels of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The popularity of Kravica Falls is still on the rise, so hurry up to visit one of the best-kept secrets of beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an exceptional natural landscape with truly untouched nature.

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