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Are you looking for an internship? We are offering an internship. provides an integrated market place that aims at bringing together internship providers and students seeking an internship opportunity abroad. We are happy to be part of an amazing project. 

 This project aims at improving the accessibility and quality of international internships, as well as at increasing the awareness on the existence of such opportunities for youth. 

Put your skills into action and gain work experience. Improve your cultural understanding and self-development.

Companies can offer their internship vacancies to individuals seeking international opportunities. We are international in our outlook, scope and operations. We see value in having international, multicultural and multilingual teams working together. Furthermore, we wish to support international training mobility and educational exchange.

One of the major challenges of today’s young graduates is transition phase from education to the labour market. Challenge is also  consequently, the unsustainable high youth unemployment rate in many EU countries. At the same time, work experience is highly valued by employers, thus early labour market experience such as internships, traineeships and apprenticeships are useful to facilitate youth access to job market. Supporting ErasmusIntern is an expression of interest in the possibilities of young people and the added value they bring with them after a successful mobility period.

We want to be sure that a quality framework will become a reality for all young Europeans. We offer quality principles for internships and apprenticeships to have a valuable and quality experience across Europe, more precisely- Croatia.

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All providers are urged of traineeships, internships and apprenticeships to commit to quality standards and to apply a clear and coherent code of conduct, leading by example. To know more about Quality Internships and the European Quality Charter initiative check quality