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Local, or on a vacation, make your portraits live forever.
This service is specifically tailored to meet each client’s preferences.
We provide photography services for clients who want to collect photo moments and save their memories.


You can have individual, couple, family, group photo shoot. We excel in vacation photography. Your photographs can be candid, posed, formal, environmental, depends on your preferences… and you can choose the setting for capturing your portraits. Book a photo shoot, meet with your portrait photographer and enjoy your relaxed experience.

We will suggest the most beautiful places, how to pose, and capture stunning moments. We will provide to you beautiful portfolio, with modern and effectively design. You can also have a videography or aerial footage (drone) included, if you prefer. Get your service individually or in a package. Stunning results and timeless memories will go perfectly with your wishes.

Feel free to contact us if you want picturesque memories from your vacation, also. We have a decade long experience as vacation photographer for the best company in the world in same area, located in Miami and working with photographer worldwide- Angle (Shoot my travel).


Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person utilizing backgrounds, lighting and posing.

While this definition may sound simple, portrait photography can be one of the most challenging forms of photography to master. The goal is to capture a photo that appears both natural and prepared to allow the subject’s personality to show through.

The portrait photographer is responsible for taking pictures of their subject(s). Portrait photographers find the best background/location with the correct lighting for their portrait photographs and provide their subjects with posing tips. They also edit and print the photos to give to their clients, or send online, depends on client’s preferences.

Why is portrait photography important?

Portrait photography can be important for many reasons and those reasons may vary from individual to individual. It may be important for historic preservation, personal branding or for personal pleasure.

The emotions and feelings that can be evoked through a good portrait photograph resides in each one of us and only when we see it through a good portrait can we connect with that feeling on a deeper level.

There are many subgenres of portrait photography, yet all have the same goal — capturing personality and people. We do these portraits:

A traditional portrait often has the subject looking straight at the camera in a posed position. These types of portraits are usually shot within a studio with the help of studio lighting and a prepared background.
These types of portraits are usually cropped at the head and shoulders and are what often come to mind when people think of portraits.

Lifestyle portraits have a goal of capturing people in their everyday environment. A professional lifestyle portrait photographer often “directs” as opposed to “posing” to create a lifestyle portrait that is more candid and effectively illustrates the subject in their natural environment.

An vacation photography is the most complex form of portraiture, due importance of not capturing subject, but also the background of a place they will visit. We are taking you to the most picturesque hidden gems any place can offer, and you will still be on vacation when  your photos will be delivered.

An environmental portrait places emphasis on the environment while having the person remain the subject of the photograph. These types of portraits usually take place within a location and environment that is important to the subject. Environmental portraits differ slightly from lifestyle portraits from the fact that environment portraits are often more “posed” than lifestyle portraits.

Street portraits are often candid and unplanned. While there is planning within the approach to street portraits, the posing or actions of the subjects are mostly unplanned.

Beauty/glamour portraits often place emphasis on the beauty of the subject — often involving planning in regards to wardrobe and professional makeup.

Fine art portraits are often debated on whether or not they are a subgenre of portrait photography. Many fine art portrait photographers are usually inspired by other types of artworks such as paintings. These portraits are usually creative in nature allowing the photographer to explore their creative ideas.

Family and group portraits involve multiple people. These types of portraits often involve group poses and interactions between the members of the group in order to create a candid photograph. Many family/group portrait photographers also utilize prompts in order for the subjects to act out a certain scenario, often producing very candid results.

About Maja Gijevski Photography, Videography, Aerial footage, Professional editing, Portfolio, Portraits, Weddings, Events, Architectural, Blogs, Exhibitions timeline blog, Travel timeline blog, Contact, Homepage