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SLOVENIA Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenian capital’s and the largest city of Slovenia, is definitely worth a visit, because it is cozy and cute.

When I was a child I spend a lot of time in Slovenia, town Ljubljana, to be more precise. As decades passed away, I was thinking how it would nice to visit it again, maybe my memories would come back. So I went there several times past few years. First time I visited Ljubljana as an adult, I realized that I need to know the town little bit better. Why I was coming back several times?

 Lovely Ljubljana old town is adorable. This is the place hundreds of love-struck couples have locked their souls together in a padlock, hung it on the bridge, and thrown the key over the edge. You can find lot of bridges there, but my favorites areTriple Bridge (Tromostovje) and Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most).

Architecture enthusiasts will have something to see.
Even the central market was designed and built in the 1930s by Slovenia’s famous architect Joze Plecnik.¬†

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Statue lovers will also have something to see.

SLOVENIA Ljubljana Maja Gijevski Photography/ Blogs/ Travels/ Exhibitions 120

SLOVENIA Ljubljana Maja Gijevski Photography/ Blogs/ Travels/ Exhibitions 120

Ljubljana river, the river in Ljubljana is the heart, the centre point of the city. Walking along it takes you past all the important sights and shows you what the city is all about.

Be sure to also visit Ljubljana castle. If you want cozy, family vacation fulfil with historical touch, you won’t regret going there.

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